Winter bliss

How can you get a city girl to stay in a small town with no Taco Bell up the street, family and friends 200 miles away and hardly any green trees to be seen? The answer is snow, or even freezing fog. 

I love winter weather.  I live for winter weather.  Aside from breaking pipes, and the occasional skidding my vehicle across main street, everything is great about winter weather.  There is something about breaking out the sweaters when the first fall leaf drops and a hot cup of chai tea as I watch the snowflakes fall.  I love curling up under my covers piled 6 inches thick. 

When we lived in the valley, snow was a treat that happened only a couple of times every few years or so.  All we really got was rain, which is not bad, but it’s awfully boring.  Now that we live in a town at a much higher elevation, we get these so called treats regularly during a single season!  I have finally been introduced to what apparently is a regular occurance which is freezing fog.  I will probably be called crazy by long time residents of this town, but how can you complain about freezing fog?  For one, it is a winter wonderland making everything it touches a bright white.  It paints every ordinary object into a beautiful work of art.  Just look closely, and all the wonderful ice crystals just dance into all sorts of facinating patterns. 

The wind blows here too.  Sometimes it blows hard.  It used to scare me, but I have become used to it now since it is also a regular occurance here.  Now, I love to take my regular evening walks in the wind.  It is so exhilarating as the wind blows, especially in the headwind.  I have also enjoyed walking as the snow falls.  How peaceful it becomes as the snowflakes bring some sort of quiet stillness. 

It is a sad day when all of this goes away, but I have to remind myself in the midst of the very hot, uncomfortable  summer days, that winter will come again, and again, I will be happy.


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