Oh No, She Is Exploring Again!

All I heard was, “I’ve got the kids, you get out of the house, relax and explore” and I was gone like a bat out of hell.  I didn’t have a plan, I just went.

I’m really not a history buff, but I do have an interest in the history of Oregon.  I have a special interest in Oregon Trail history.  This is kind of strange because I got my worst grade in my college career in Pacific Northwest History.  Even more strange is  that history class, out of all history classes, was the most fun for me.

On my exploration trip, I first came upon a sign declaring a crossing site of the Oregon Trail, and honoring one of the trail’s members who at the age of 17 settled in this area.  Can you imagine traveling, I assume without parents, in unknown land and settling at 17?  Goodness, when I was that age all I was interested in was stirrup pants, the band Depeche Mode, and trying to figure out what the heck Geometry was all about.  I still haven’t figured out Geometry.   There was no way I was ready for any kind of responsibility anywhere close to that young man’s responsibilities.  100_9866


I started looking for wagon wheel ruts with my untrained eyes, but saw nothing.  I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between wagon wheel tracks and tractor tracks anyhow.

So I went on, finding another historical site and bingo! I found gold.  The information board pointed out exactly where the wagons traveled.  I was on cloud nine.  There is just something too cool about that, I can’t quite explain why.  Maybe it’s the concrete evidence of what I read in my history books, the feelings much like seeing a T.V. celebrity in real life.



Well, even though my adventure sounds small, it actually took a while and I headed home shortly after seeing the tracks.  But tune in later, I am sure there will be more adventures to be had in this historically rich area.