You Just Gotta Laugh


Call me a cruel mother, but the highlight of my Easter weekend was probably the most terrifying for our little guy.  Our schedule was jam packed with appointments, errands and family events in the valley again, which meant that we were going to have to miss our local Easter egg hunt in the park.   To make up for missing one of the most looked forward to events by our kiddos, we promised them that we would go to the Easter egg hunt at the Elks in Keizer. 

Guess who made an appearance, but the big scary old Easter Bunny.  It was funny to watch.  As he entered, there was a rush of older kids who understood that there is a person under all that fuzz and they were pleased to see him, and then there was the rush of parents with their visibly terrified toddlers.  You have to wonder what those toddlers were thinking other than incredible fear…  “You mean that giant furry thing is coming to our house in the night, are you KIDDING me!!”  Our oldest, when she was two and three used to get worried around Easter time and would nervously ask when that “rat” was coming.

Our little guy was no different.  As his older sister tried to get him to meet the big white monster, he hung tightly onto her neck and exclaimed, “Dee doo! dee doo!” That is toddlereese for peek-a-boo, which means, “That thing is freaking scary!”

Later, after we all got through the mad rush of kids hunting for eggs, we hung around inside for a little bit.  Who knows what goes on in the kiddo’s head, but if you don’t know him, he is all boy and quite impulsive.  He noticed the back door open and made a bee-line for it, not noticing that the Easter bunny was between him and what was on the other side of that door.  He didn’t even notice who reached out to slow him down at first.  He stopped, paused, then looked up… and up.  There stood that scary white monster called the Easter Bunny.  He threw up his arms and yelled at the top of his lungs, “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”  and ran.  I swear I saw clouds of smoke around his feet, like what you see in cartoons depicting that someone was moving very fast, causing firey hot friction. 

I was frozen… I couldn’t move.  I laughed so hard that my body went into convulsions.  I have never, ever seen him react to something like that before.  He is normally so active, seemingly afraid of nothing.  He was soon found huddled down, hiding behind a woman sitting in a chair in the restaurant area. 

He is fine now, but probably scarred for life.  I, the very mean mother, am still enjoying the vision of that event and giggle a little every time I think of it.