Happy Mother’s Day, Mom


Over the years I have come across people who have horror stories about childhoods.  Whether it be their own, or what they have learned of others.  Like the story from one of my grade school teacher friends, who knew of several parents who were too lazy to get their kids to school on the first day of school, or rather the first month of school.  There was an adult lately who claimed that she was a victim of neglect and rarely got bathed when she was a child.  These stories drive the point in that I am, and was a very lucky person to have  such a loving, caring mother like you, Mom.  So here, in no particular order, is my way to celebrate you:

Mom, thank you for…

  • teaching me that I don’t need to be the best to be good at something.
  • letting me develop into my own person.
  • teaching good morals and respect for others.
  • the freedom of choosing my own religion.
  • walking with me on my newly found spiritual path.
  • always supporting and loving me.
  • loving my children.
  • making sure that my basics in childhood were taken care of, that I had showers, always had healthy food.
  • an awesome, happy childhood.
  • teaching me how to sew.
  • teaching me that your hobbies don’t necessarily have to be mine.
  • having some common hobbies with me.
  • providing me with lots of books and art supplies when I was a kid.
  • making sure that I went to school when I was supposed to.
  • limiting junk food when I was a kid.
  • sending me outside to play rather than letting me sit inside watching TV all day long.
  • sending me to college even though at the time I didn’t understand why I needed to go.
  • not giving in to giving me what I wanted whenever I wanted.
  • going to garage sales with me.
  • helping me when I needed it and backing off when I didn’t need it.
  • being my best friend.
  • teaching me how to be a good mother by modeling it.
  • staying home with us when we were kids.
  • making sure that our medical needs were met.
  • keeping me safe.
  • being a strong woman.
  • teaching me to be a strong woman too.
  • giving me the freedom to make choices, as a person and as a woman.
  • teaching me to have high expectations.
  • always welcoming me and my family.
  • hounding me on my grammar.
  • being my personal proof reader for college papers.
  • all of the late night discussions.
  • encouraging my independence. 
  • accepting my help when you needed it.

I am sure that there are many more things to put on the list, but just the same, I love you and greatly appreciate you!  Happy Mother’s day Mom!

3 comments on “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

  1. ben says:

    As Dale would say, “WOW”…. what a nice Mother’s Day tribute. Thanks Laura! Love MOM

    PS I am trying to reply to a blog for the first time and am not sure how to do it. Here goes my attempt!! Nancy

  2. Nancy says:

    Is this better?

  3. Laura says:

    You are very welcome Mom.

    It’s funny, I re-read it and found a pretty big mistake. I used the wrong word. The funny part is that it was a few bullets down from the hounding me with my grammar one. It’s fixed now.

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