Chasing butterflies


I watched my little guy chase a butterfly today.  He found the most beautiful yellow one and followed it’s exact tracks as it flew all around our yard.  His arms were wide open, as if he was planning on grabbing it with gusto when he caught up with it.  He finally made some ground and caught up with his glorious insect, but when he did, he looked a little apprehensive.  His arms went down a little as if he wasn’t sure that he wanted to catch it anymore.  The chase seemed to be more enjoyable than actually obtaining the goal. 

I began to think a bit deeper at that point.  There are things in life that are much like that.  We chase things with gusto, and when the goal is attained, we wonder, is this what I really wanted?  The chase is sometimes what we really want.  I remember realizing that when I was a kid.  I realized that the month long wind-up before Christmas day was the fun part.  The tree, the songs, the anticipation.  The food, the decorations and the cheer.  It wasn’t about the gifts or rather the goal, or the end.  When all the gifts were opened, that was it.  No more celebration, the tree became neglected, the lights were no longer turned on as they were many nights before, and the decorations that had all off a sudden lost their luster, came down.  All of the fun stuff, all that we strived for was done.  It was all about the chase, the wind-up that was way more exciting.

I think the butterfly was a message, to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment, or rather enjoy the chase; because if I don’t, at the end I will be standing at the pearly gates wondering why I focused so much on making it to the end, that I didn’t pay attention to the most important, the most enjoyable part…chasing the butterflies.