Unconditional love

The other day, while I was working away on the computer, my oldest decided that she was going to braid my hair.  She didn’t braid my hair in one great big braid, or two smaller ones, it was more like 20 little ones all over my head.  When she was finished, I looked like the mythical character, Medusa with 20 braided snakes all over my head.  She stepped back and took a look at her creation and gasped, “Oh Mom! you look good!”.  The second kid momentarily came out of her TV induced coma and noticed that something was going on.  She looked at me and said, “Momma! you look beautiful!”  The thing is, I didn’t look beautiful.  Well that’s what I thought when I looked in the mirror.  My heart melted though, because with braids sprouting out of my head like ugly weeds growing in the garden, I was still beautiful to them… either that, or they are very, very good liars!  *Sigh* I love my kids.

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