It’s that time of year again

It’s my birthday today.  Roger took the day off and I was able to sleep in.  Way in!  I even got a cooked breakfast in bed!  So then we tried to figure out what to do next.  We finally decided to pick a direction and just drive, and where we ended up would be just an adventure.  So, our final destination turned out to be the John Day Fossil Beds.  Just the rock formations alone are beautiful out there, not to mention the history to that area. 

Some of the crazy creatures that roamed this area were sloths, rhinoceroses, camels, peccaries (whatever those are) pronghorns, dogs and bears… I am quoting the flyer that I got from there.

Just because the John Day Fossil beds are kinda near where we live, it doesn’t mean that it looks like that where we live.  The following is more like we see closer to home:

I have this wierd thing for clouds.  I don’t know why, but I think they make the most amazing, gorgeous shapes.  So, as our trip was close to an end, I went crazy and took a bunch of cloud pictures. 

Crazy superstitions

As I got on my homepage and entered internet-land, I noticed an article about superstitions.  It got me thinking.  Normal superstitions don’t seem to apply to me.  Friday the 13th usually ends up as being just a normal ho-hum day, not particularly bad, not unusually good.  Bad things don’t happen to me when I spill salt.  When I have opened an umbrella or broken a mirror (no, all you smarty pants out there, that doesn’t happen to me often) nothing bad happens to me. 

Not many black cats cross my path.  Recently though, a couple of black dogs crossed my path and I had a few dumb things happen after that.   All of a sudden I was rendered butterfingers and started to drop things.  Then I rammed those butterfingers into the wall accidentally.  Who knows what I was intending on doing, I think I was trying to take off a coat near the wall or something.  Anyway, my point is, the superstitions that I have are ones that I make up and are not the typical ones.  I am facinated with the superstitions that athletes make up before the big game.  I remember when I was in college, I found that I did better on exams when I chewed gum while taking them.  I don’t know if there was anything to it, but it seemed to work.  Maybe another self induced superstition I suppose.  I pick up pennies now.  I never used to.   I got an e-mail that said that because the the phrase “In God We Trust” is printed on them, that it is a random message of good fortune from a Devine being when found.   Presumably, not lost by some poor, unlucky message-less soul, but a love note from Heaven.   I secretly believed that e-mail, and continue to tuck the occasional special message in my pocket when I find one, hoping it will bring me just a bit of good luck.  What could that hurt? 

We can’t forget the superstitions that have been, what it seems, created to keep children in line.  Like if you pick your nose, your finger will fall off.  I like the one that seemed to go around when I was a kid, which was that if you pee in the pool, the water would turn purple around you and everyone would know who committed the crime.  It worked for me.  Oh, heck… I still fear that purple water.  How about, if you make a silly face for too long, it will freeze that way.  That one almost worked for me.  I am sure that child-eating witches and goblins were created for the same reason; to scare children into obedience. 

My new ponder is that a lot of the common superstitions stem from the deep crevasses of history.  So with technology booming, causing our way of life to change drastically, I wonder, are there new superstitions that are connected directly to this change?  Like, it is bad luck to check Facebook before the e-mail is checked maybe?  (I made that up, I don’t think that is a real superstition) Which brings me to one thing that actually did happen not long ago.  Superstition or not, it can’t be good luck for those grooms (or brides) out there who have to check Facebook or Twitter accounts while on the altar!  YES, somewhere between “I do” and “you may kiss the bride”, Facebook was checked by a groom!

I ask of my loyal readers, even the not so loyal, the new ones… anybody, to please leave me a note and tell me if you have a crazy, made-up superstition.  Or maybe you know someone who has a pretty wierd one.  Better yet, what are some other crazy superstitions that we tell kids, or you have made up to manipulate kids’ behavior? I would love to hear about them all!

Kid logic

I just love kid logic.  When you think about it, it is actually pretty logical, but it’s not quite the way the world works though.  My little guy had an earache last night.  I handed him a little medicine measuring cup of liquid Motrin to drink so that he could sleep well during the night, holding him over until the next morning when I could make a call to the clinic.  As he started to put the cup to his lips, I explained to him that it should help make his ear feel better.  That’s when he stopped short, paused as if in deep thought, then quick as a wink started to pour the medicine in his ear!  That made so much sense!  Cut out the middle man (the stomach) and go straight to the source of the problem!  I was a bit quicker than him (thank goodness) and stopped him before we had a big old sticky mess on our hands…more like in his ear.