Kid logic

I just love kid logic.  When you think about it, it is actually pretty logical, but it’s not quite the way the world works though.  My little guy had an earache last night.  I handed him a little medicine measuring cup of liquid Motrin to drink so that he could sleep well during the night, holding him over until the next morning when I could make a call to the clinic.  As he started to put the cup to his lips, I explained to him that it should help make his ear feel better.  That’s when he stopped short, paused as if in deep thought, then quick as a wink started to pour the medicine in his ear!  That made so much sense!  Cut out the middle man (the stomach) and go straight to the source of the problem!  I was a bit quicker than him (thank goodness) and stopped him before we had a big old sticky mess on our hands…more like in his ear.

One comment on “Kid logic

  1. Kirstin says:

    That does make perfect sense, really. He gets extra credit points for being brilliant!

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