You know that you are in deep into parenthood when…

…you have a huge urge to read the subtitles in the movie Avitar to your spouse, and there are no children around!

…you announce to the adults around you that you need to go potty.

…you respond to a stranger’s child calling for Mom in public, and your own are not even with you.

…you notice a shift in your thought process from when in childless years a screaming kid in public would spark the thought of: “someone shut that kid up” to the present: “I feel so sorry for the parent of that screaming child”.

…you notice yourself gently rocking back and forth and you don’t even have a baby in your arms.

…your children’s wardrobes are way better than your own.

…when you don’t even remember what a clean house is anymore.

…your car’s floor is covered with cheerios and juice box straws.

…you keep calling your spouse, “kiddo” by accident.

…when you have to use all the energy you’ve got to resist telling your friends about the most exciting news…how your kid pooped in the toilet yesterday!

…you still talk out loud while driving, even when the kids are not there.  Thanks to bluetooth technology, the public will never know the truth, that you are actually crazy and that your kids drove you there.


2 comments on “You know that you are in deep into parenthood when…

  1. Kirstin Parmeter-Nusser says:

    Oh dear! I am guilty of a few of those! I remember the low point for me was pointing out trains to my husband while we were driving somewhere without the kids.
    Too funny : )

  2. Ingrid says:

    I always find myself rocking when I see a baby. I guess I am ready in case the actual parent gets tired.

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