Life never gets boring when you live with a little boy

During the process of looking for a lost puzzle piece, I discovered that it was a horrible dusty mess under my big king-sized bed.  I often neglect that area since it is very hard to clean.  So, it was high time to do a deep clean.  I pulled out the bed enough to do a decent job and decided to start by using the vacuum cleaner.  We do not have carpet, so I thought that the attachment hose would be best for that area.  As I started my big job, I noticed there wasn’t much suction.  It took me several minutes of shaking and blowing in the hose when finally, whatever it was came loose.  I was then able to shake it down through the hose revealing itself through the bottom hole.  It wasn’t a chunk of dusty goo like I expected, it was a flashlight!  Now, if a flashlight can get stuck in a vacuum tube, what creative and most outrageous place can a missing puzzle piece be?


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