Random acts of kindness really are welcome

As I walked into the busy WinCo grocery store the other day, I followed a teenager and his mother or grandmother.  He was one of those teens who wore baggy pants that hung low as if he was going to lose them soon.  He had spiked hair which if I recall correctly, had a bit of color to it, like blue or purple.  He had at least one piercing in his nose or lip.  He didn’t look too happy, probably because he was all dressed up but was forced to hang out with his grandma instead of his cool friends. 

As we all passed through the door, a stranger to this teen, walking out of the store said to him, “hey, that (pointing to the piercing on the nose or lip) is wicked!”  I don’t know the teen, but I what I do know is that comment by the stranger was a HUGE compliment to him.  All of a sudden the boy had a skip in his step, and I swear I saw a sparkle in his eyes.  What a wonderful thing that stranger did!  Most people would have looked at that grumpy teen as a thug, and wouldn’t think to make his day with a simple compliment.

I know the feeling.  The feeling when a complete stranger gives me a compliment right out of the blue.  It happens to me from time to time.  I get compliments on my blog which really do make my day, just like the kid in the store.  The problem is, I am very humble at times, and have a problem with tooting my own horn so to speak, so, I haven’t posted the compliments.   I really do cherish compliments but selfishly do not share them with my readers.  These compliments have come to me via spam, and I just saved them for a rainy day, but lately, without my control, sadly they have been erased for me. 

I would like to say to my readers who have given me compliments on my blog, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Good for you for brightening a stranger’s day.  I really don’t mean to be rude by not posting your messages.  Not only does it mean a lot to me, but it teaches me a good lesson.  When I see something about someone else that I like, I need to be free with compliments, putting a spring into someone elses step, hoping that they feel the way I do when it happens to me, or like that kid in the store.

One comment on “Random acts of kindness really are welcome

  1. Anne says:

    Ah, I love that. It really does mean a lot to get positive feedback from others. I think it means even more when it is unexpected. I am so thrilled when I get feedback from students that they like my class. I make sure to tell everyone too 🙂

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