How did I live my whole life not knowing?

I was having a discussion the other day with a person who will remain nameless, about the north and south hemispheres and the differences.  The person confessed that he didn’t know until fairly recently that the seasons are the opposite in each hemisphere.  For example, when it is winter in the northern hemisphere, it is summer in the southern hemisphere.  I didn’t laugh because I know very well that there have been things that I have wondered, “how the heck did I live this long without knowing some of the most simplest things in life?”  It actually happened to me during the same conversation.  With an intellectual tone I said, “did you know that the water drains in opposite direction in the southern hemisphere?”  “It’s something to do with the poles.” Well, the person that I was having the conversation with didn’t believe me.  Being so sure of myself, I suggested that I prove it and went to the all-knowing internet.  Low and behold… I was WRONG!  It is a myth and all this time, I believed it.  I’ll tell you, I was so humbled that night.

I remember years ago, that during her show, Rosie O’Donnell learned that cows had to give birth before they could give milk.  She went her whole life thinking that cows could automatically just give milk.  I have met people who in adulthood just discovered that lettuce and cabbage are different things.  I have argued with people, trying to convince them that eggs are NOT in the dairy food group.  Who knew cows don’t lay eggs?  I have even met an adult who, for a very long time argued that tomatoes were not fruit.  I cannot laugh because we are all human, and we all have those ah ha moments of “how did I live my whole life up to now, not knowing?” 

So, are there any readers out there brave enough to own up, and share one or more of those moments?  I promise, I won’t laugh.

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