Rumors, rumors, rumors.

Living in a small town, I have discovered that rumors are the town’s blood that courses through constantly, keeping an otherwise potentially boring place alive with entertainment.  I am not so connected to the life line for a couple of reasons.  I am a quiet, shy introvert and don’t know many people who either fall for the so-called entertainment, or they know that I don’t care for rumors and don’t fill me in.

Even though rumors are not my cup of tea, they still somehow float my way from time to time.  It’s not often that I hear such rumors, and wonder if any float around about our family.  I am sure that when we moved to town, there was plenty to speculate about.  For starters, we were new blood for the curious to watch.  We also started out by living in a 5th wheel in a RV park.  We were waiting for our house to sell so that we could go ahead and find one to buy in our new town.  Other than that, I am afraid we are pretty boring with nothing really to talk about.  We are pretty much a quiet family, plugging along in life as everyone else does.

So now I have discovered that we are truly members of this town, truly a part of the life-line.  We have finally, after about three years been thrown into the rumor pool.  I find it partly humorous, and partly disturbing.  Apparently, according to the grapevine, we are moving. 

I am not sure where the rumor came from.  I could not extract that information.  First, I wonder if there is someone in this town who is tired of us and hoped that by starting a rumor, we would take it to heart and make it true.  That makes me laugh.  The part that is disturbing is that whoever started it may have a scary habit of snooping. 

It started a couple of weeks ago when my step-father-in-law, who is ALWAYS on the hunt for good deals on cars and houses called me up to tell me about his latest great find.  He knows that my dream house is an old craftsman style house.  The only problem is, this newly available house is a long ways away in the next county.  The house has maintained its old integrity, yet has been nicely kept up by previous owners.  A perfect house, except it is roughly sixty miles away.  I then texted to my husband about the house, jokingly mentioning that my father-in-law plays dirty.

A few days later, my husband had a rough day at work and emailed me, again, jokingly mentioning that we should take a look at my dream house all the way in the next county.  Dreaming and joking, we just took a look at the house online (on our home computer), not at all intending on visiting this house, or even thinking about moving. 

So, my worry is, did the rumor come as a coincidence? Or, is someone tapping in on our phones, email or computer? There is a possibility that one of the kids might have spilled the fact that we were looking at pictures of a house far away from this little town, but they deny it.  Even though they deny it, they could have mentioned something casually, then forgotten that they did so.  I hope that is how it went.  I hope that our privacy is not being violated illegally.

In the end, it goes to show you that rumors are dangerous things.  They should not be trusted one bit.  If you want to know something about someone, you must always go to the source of the information if the truth is what you want!  For now, I am just going to let this rumor blow over.  This one is not going to hurt anyone, and soon people of the town are going to find out that they are stuck with us for a little longer.  I am just going to embrace the fact that we have been finally inducted into this community by the ritual of being the brunt of a rumor and I will celebrate with a few giggles.

Just pondering some more…

I was asked today during a preschool interview for our kiddo, “what are some of the things that you really like about your child”.  Trying to refrain  from being too broad by saying, “EVERYTHING!”…. (come on, of course!) I dug and dug in my brain to describe exactly what “everything” was.  As I scraped together a few sentences, I wondered why the heck it was so hard for me to get together all the wonderful things that he is.  Honestly, there are way more positives than negatives, so why couldn’t I spit them out?  I could spit out some things that I don’t like real fast, such as his food allergies and the 24/7 worry fest that I hold for him, hoping that this day is not the day he will die because of some dumb mistake by eating something he is allergic to. 

It’s funny how timing works in life because just a day or two ago, my kids and I had a conversation about how negativity seems to be more contagious than positivity.  So, why is it that when one grumpy person can step into a room filled with happy people, and in a matter of minutes, everyone else is grumpy too?  Why can’t it be the opposite? Why can’t that grumpy person be overcome by happiness?  It makes sense to me.

Why is it that negative first impressions are hard to get over, and good first impressions are quickly squashed when we find that we were wrong?  Why is it that we often remember the bad, sometimes better than the good?  Maybe all this is crazy, maybe I am the negative one here.

I am sure there are a lot of examples of when positive overrides negative, but it seems as if they are a lot fewer examples than the opposite.  All I know is that I can’t seem to find the answer, and will just keep on pondering.  I will also make a long mental list of what I love about my children so that I will be prepared the next time I am asked the question.

More of my unexpected parenthood adventures

As I was folding clean clothes on a Sunday afternoon, my little guy creeped into my room all forlorn and muttered, “told me to get out of here”.  Instantly, my mind started to form a long-winded lecture that I would unload upon his sisters.  He must have been bugging them while they were going about their day.  Or, maybe he was bugging his father while he was working on laying down a new floor in the dining room.  Now, that required a whole new lecture.

Being a mom for a while, I decided that before I went lecturing I had better get to the bottom of things.  I asked the kiddo who told him to get out… your sisters? “no”, your dad? “no”.  Then, who could it possibly be?  He went on explaining it was a toy that he received for Christmas a couple of years ago.  The toy is actually a toddler toy.  It has an arm with a baseball attached to it.  When the ball is hit, the arm swings around and a man’s voice is heard with some kind of baseball related comment.  What he heard as, “get out of here”, was really, “the ball’s out of here!”. 

I got to thinking though.  Now, how freaky would it be when one of your possessions all of a sudden tells you to get out of here?  I think that toy is going to find the Goodwill pile in the garage.

If you are a homeowner of a fixer-upper house…

If your kitchen faucet plain gives up and stops working, you will have to replace it….

When you try to replace the faucet, you will probably discover that there is not a water turn-off under the sink, so you will have to install one…

When you have to install a water turn-off handle by yourself, there will most likely be a leak…

When there is a leak, the floor under the ugly linoleum will soak up the water and cause quite a bit of damage…

When there is quite a bit of water damage, it is a perfect time to replace the floor with a prettier one…

When the dining room is adjacent the kitchen, that floor needs to be replaced too…

When all the furniture is out of the dining room, the walls will reveal their ugliness, so they will have to be painted…

When the walls are painted, then the cupboards will need a make-over to match the painted walls…

When all of this is done, the homeowner wonders why she ever thought a simple faucet replacement was a one-day job.

Thank You

Recently I have had an experience that forced me to realize that I have been taking too many people and the things that they do, for granted.  I have been floating through my happy life, quietly enjoying things without giving thanks, and expressing my gratitude as often as I should.  So,


  • to my son’s previous Allergist, who is an Adult Allergist and expressed to me that she knew nothing about pediatrics, but would help us as much as she possibly could until we found someone else who would serve us better.  She even called me from her home kitchen to give me some information as she was cooking dinner for her family! Thank you for your honesty and your dedication!
  • to those who use me as a sounding board.  You may think that you are inconveniencing me, but honestly, it’s the opposite.  I am completely honored that you consider me as a trustworthy, anti-biased person, enough that you feel like you can unload your problems with me. 
  • to my sounding boards, the people who listen to me when I need support.
  • to those people who feel comfortable enough to share experiences with me that others may find off the wall, ridiculous, or impossible.   I love to hear them.
  • to all the people who have taken me, an incredibly shy person, under your wings when I moved to your small, in-the-middle-of-nowhere town.  Thanks for taking the initiative to come and start a conversation with me, because I was too scared to do it myself.
  • to those who think to include me in whatever activity, club or board. 
  • to all the strangers who have given me a genuine smile or wave.  You really do make my day.
  • to those who offer compassionate, complimentary or supporting words, they are always appreciated and are taken to heart. 
  • to those who ask me for favors.  I am truly flattered that you think of me in your time of need.  It’s the same of those who ask for my advise, a form of flattery, I think, even when in the end you choose not to go with what I suggest. 
  • to those who have bent over backwards for me when I really needed it, or just because.
  • to those who fess up to their own mistakes.  I have way more respect for you than those who try to cover their mistakes with lies.
  • to those of you who accept people for who they are, no matter what their family background, profession or income status is.
  • to my parents who ALWAYS welcome us and let us stay at their house even when we roll into town at a moments notice.
  • to my brothers and their growing families who have included me by sharing pictures, stories and frequent visits even though they live miles and miles away. 
  • to family members who come out and help us with home repair, or to just pay us a visit… it’s a long way to travel!
  • to those who give us “just because” or “thinking-of-you” gifts.
  • to our neighbors who have been quick to help, or offer hospitality.
  • and to those who I have forgotten to mention and who give me and my family kindness in any fashion.

Though I may forget to let my gratitude be known from time to time, just know that I truly appreciate you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My goofy kid

My kiddo can come up with the goofiest things sometimes.  As I was helping him wipe his bottom (he still is not the expert at that) I noticed something strange floating in the toilet.  I wondered out loud, “what is that?” (I think it was a chewed up olive) and he matter of factly suggested, “a sea-horse”.  How in Sam Hill did he come to the conclusion that he pooped out a sea-horse?

The goofy little guy struck again as he stood at his grandparent’s garbage can that had a foot lever to open and close the lid.  He opened and closed it hundreds of times, quietly chanting, “open, close, open…”.  Getting a bit tired of his chant, and wondering whether I should be worried about his behavior, or just glad that I have a bit of time when I don’t have to chase him, or clean up after him, I decided to break his chant.  “Alright” I said, “for your next birthday you are getting a garbage can”,  expecting a negative reaction.  Instead, I got a huge, “AWESOME!”.  *sigh* I wonder if Target has garbage cans with foot operated lids.