My goofy kid

My kiddo can come up with the goofiest things sometimes.  As I was helping him wipe his bottom (he still is not the expert at that) I noticed something strange floating in the toilet.  I wondered out loud, “what is that?” (I think it was a chewed up olive) and he matter of factly suggested, “a sea-horse”.  How in Sam Hill did he come to the conclusion that he pooped out a sea-horse?

The goofy little guy struck again as he stood at his grandparent’s garbage can that had a foot lever to open and close the lid.  He opened and closed it hundreds of times, quietly chanting, “open, close, open…”.  Getting a bit tired of his chant, and wondering whether I should be worried about his behavior, or just glad that I have a bit of time when I don’t have to chase him, or clean up after him, I decided to break his chant.  “Alright” I said, “for your next birthday you are getting a garbage can”,  expecting a negative reaction.  Instead, I got a huge, “AWESOME!”.  *sigh* I wonder if Target has garbage cans with foot operated lids.

2 comments on “My goofy kid

  1. Ingrid says:

    My mom gave Sonja and Francis salad spinners for Christmas. They loved them. Maybe he can a garbage can for Christmas and a salad spinner for a birthday? (Zephyr got a paint roller recently. Big hit.)

    • laurasponders says:

      Oh, yeah… I should get out the salad spinners. I had a couple to use with paint when I was a preschool teacher, and still have them stored away. Also, I have some plungers the kids love to paint with… clean of course. The paint roller is a really cool idea. He could paint the deck with water… what a fun summer-time activity!

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