Thank You

Recently I have had an experience that forced me to realize that I have been taking too many people and the things that they do, for granted.  I have been floating through my happy life, quietly enjoying things without giving thanks, and expressing my gratitude as often as I should.  So,


  • to my son’s previous Allergist, who is an Adult Allergist and expressed to me that she knew nothing about pediatrics, but would help us as much as she possibly could until we found someone else who would serve us better.  She even called me from her home kitchen to give me some information as she was cooking dinner for her family! Thank you for your honesty and your dedication!
  • to those who use me as a sounding board.  You may think that you are inconveniencing me, but honestly, it’s the opposite.  I am completely honored that you consider me as a trustworthy, anti-biased person, enough that you feel like you can unload your problems with me. 
  • to my sounding boards, the people who listen to me when I need support.
  • to those people who feel comfortable enough to share experiences with me that others may find off the wall, ridiculous, or impossible.   I love to hear them.
  • to all the people who have taken me, an incredibly shy person, under your wings when I moved to your small, in-the-middle-of-nowhere town.  Thanks for taking the initiative to come and start a conversation with me, because I was too scared to do it myself.
  • to those who think to include me in whatever activity, club or board. 
  • to all the strangers who have given me a genuine smile or wave.  You really do make my day.
  • to those who offer compassionate, complimentary or supporting words, they are always appreciated and are taken to heart. 
  • to those who ask me for favors.  I am truly flattered that you think of me in your time of need.  It’s the same of those who ask for my advise, a form of flattery, I think, even when in the end you choose not to go with what I suggest. 
  • to those who have bent over backwards for me when I really needed it, or just because.
  • to those who fess up to their own mistakes.  I have way more respect for you than those who try to cover their mistakes with lies.
  • to those of you who accept people for who they are, no matter what their family background, profession or income status is.
  • to my parents who ALWAYS welcome us and let us stay at their house even when we roll into town at a moments notice.
  • to my brothers and their growing families who have included me by sharing pictures, stories and frequent visits even though they live miles and miles away. 
  • to family members who come out and help us with home repair, or to just pay us a visit… it’s a long way to travel!
  • to those who give us “just because” or “thinking-of-you” gifts.
  • to our neighbors who have been quick to help, or offer hospitality.
  • and to those who I have forgotten to mention and who give me and my family kindness in any fashion.

Though I may forget to let my gratitude be known from time to time, just know that I truly appreciate you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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