More of my unexpected parenthood adventures

As I was folding clean clothes on a Sunday afternoon, my little guy creeped into my room all forlorn and muttered, “told me to get out of here”.  Instantly, my mind started to form a long-winded lecture that I would unload upon his sisters.  He must have been bugging them while they were going about their day.  Or, maybe he was bugging his father while he was working on laying down a new floor in the dining room.  Now, that required a whole new lecture.

Being a mom for a while, I decided that before I went lecturing I had better get to the bottom of things.  I asked the kiddo who told him to get out… your sisters? “no”, your dad? “no”.  Then, who could it possibly be?  He went on explaining it was a toy that he received for Christmas a couple of years ago.  The toy is actually a toddler toy.  It has an arm with a baseball attached to it.  When the ball is hit, the arm swings around and a man’s voice is heard with some kind of baseball related comment.  What he heard as, “get out of here”, was really, “the ball’s out of here!”. 

I got to thinking though.  Now, how freaky would it be when one of your possessions all of a sudden tells you to get out of here?  I think that toy is going to find the Goodwill pile in the garage.

2 comments on “More of my unexpected parenthood adventures

  1. Ingrid says:

    Oh. My! That is so funny.
    That nasty little toy!

  2. Aunt Joyce says:

    I always find toys that talk pretty freaky . . . maybe that’s why so many horror movies have toys doing scary things.

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