Just pondering some more…

I was asked today during a preschool interview for our kiddo, “what are some of the things that you really like about your child”.  Trying to refrain  from being too broad by saying, “EVERYTHING!”…. (come on, of course!) I dug and dug in my brain to describe exactly what “everything” was.  As I scraped together a few sentences, I wondered why the heck it was so hard for me to get together all the wonderful things that he is.  Honestly, there are way more positives than negatives, so why couldn’t I spit them out?  I could spit out some things that I don’t like real fast, such as his food allergies and the 24/7 worry fest that I hold for him, hoping that this day is not the day he will die because of some dumb mistake by eating something he is allergic to. 

It’s funny how timing works in life because just a day or two ago, my kids and I had a conversation about how negativity seems to be more contagious than positivity.  So, why is it that when one grumpy person can step into a room filled with happy people, and in a matter of minutes, everyone else is grumpy too?  Why can’t it be the opposite? Why can’t that grumpy person be overcome by happiness?  It makes sense to me.

Why is it that negative first impressions are hard to get over, and good first impressions are quickly squashed when we find that we were wrong?  Why is it that we often remember the bad, sometimes better than the good?  Maybe all this is crazy, maybe I am the negative one here.

I am sure there are a lot of examples of when positive overrides negative, but it seems as if they are a lot fewer examples than the opposite.  All I know is that I can’t seem to find the answer, and will just keep on pondering.  I will also make a long mental list of what I love about my children so that I will be prepared the next time I am asked the question.

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