Rumors, rumors, rumors.

Living in a small town, I have discovered that rumors are the town’s blood that courses through constantly, keeping an otherwise potentially boring place alive with entertainment.  I am not so connected to the life line for a couple of reasons.  I am a quiet, shy introvert and don’t know many people who either fall for the so-called entertainment, or they know that I don’t care for rumors and don’t fill me in.

Even though rumors are not my cup of tea, they still somehow float my way from time to time.  It’s not often that I hear such rumors, and wonder if any float around about our family.  I am sure that when we moved to town, there was plenty to speculate about.  For starters, we were new blood for the curious to watch.  We also started out by living in a 5th wheel in a RV park.  We were waiting for our house to sell so that we could go ahead and find one to buy in our new town.  Other than that, I am afraid we are pretty boring with nothing really to talk about.  We are pretty much a quiet family, plugging along in life as everyone else does.

So now I have discovered that we are truly members of this town, truly a part of the life-line.  We have finally, after about three years been thrown into the rumor pool.  I find it partly humorous, and partly disturbing.  Apparently, according to the grapevine, we are moving. 

I am not sure where the rumor came from.  I could not extract that information.  First, I wonder if there is someone in this town who is tired of us and hoped that by starting a rumor, we would take it to heart and make it true.  That makes me laugh.  The part that is disturbing is that whoever started it may have a scary habit of snooping. 

It started a couple of weeks ago when my step-father-in-law, who is ALWAYS on the hunt for good deals on cars and houses called me up to tell me about his latest great find.  He knows that my dream house is an old craftsman style house.  The only problem is, this newly available house is a long ways away in the next county.  The house has maintained its old integrity, yet has been nicely kept up by previous owners.  A perfect house, except it is roughly sixty miles away.  I then texted to my husband about the house, jokingly mentioning that my father-in-law plays dirty.

A few days later, my husband had a rough day at work and emailed me, again, jokingly mentioning that we should take a look at my dream house all the way in the next county.  Dreaming and joking, we just took a look at the house online (on our home computer), not at all intending on visiting this house, or even thinking about moving. 

So, my worry is, did the rumor come as a coincidence? Or, is someone tapping in on our phones, email or computer? There is a possibility that one of the kids might have spilled the fact that we were looking at pictures of a house far away from this little town, but they deny it.  Even though they deny it, they could have mentioned something casually, then forgotten that they did so.  I hope that is how it went.  I hope that our privacy is not being violated illegally.

In the end, it goes to show you that rumors are dangerous things.  They should not be trusted one bit.  If you want to know something about someone, you must always go to the source of the information if the truth is what you want!  For now, I am just going to let this rumor blow over.  This one is not going to hurt anyone, and soon people of the town are going to find out that they are stuck with us for a little longer.  I am just going to embrace the fact that we have been finally inducted into this community by the ritual of being the brunt of a rumor and I will celebrate with a few giggles.


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