What older siblings are good for…

The last couple of days have been filled with errands before the next week’s busy rush.  It actually started with the emergency dental work that Roger needed.  That meant dragging the whole family a good 70 miles to the dentist.  So, if we had to go to town, then it made sense to do the back-to-school stuff while we were waiting. 

The dentist appointment was shorter than expected, and consequently, we were caught in the middle of our shopping spree, needing to wrap it up early.  In our haste, we grabbed a back-to-school shirt for the oldest child, and by looking at the size tag, decided that it was the right size and rushed to the check out counter.

When we got home, the oldest child tried the new shirt on, and we discovered that she grew a bit during the summer.  Well, a lot.  Apparently, pool water, tons of blackberries, and lots of sun makes kids grow a whole lot during vacation time.  I didn’t worry, we were going to be back the next day for more dental work, so during our wait again, we could exchange the shirt for a larger one.

 After dropping off the small shirt, we found a new, perfect shirt.  It was time to go to the customer service area and get the shirts exchanged.  As I was attending to business at the customer service counter, I felt my 3-year-old slip away.  I turned and noticed that he was behind me a ways and right in front of the exit doors.  This is when older siblings are good to have.  I didn’t worry too much because I noticed that his 8-year-old sister followed him, and I knew that she would find some way to keep him from escaping the store.

I finished up, and turned around to find that the 8-year-old indeed found a way to keep her brother under control.  It was actually quite effective.  They were both laying on the floor, him face down, and her on top of him!  She had him completely pinned to the floor! This all went down right in front of the store for customers, both leaving and entering to see.

It was all that I could muster to keep from laughing hysterically!  I could tell just what was going on in the sensitive 8 year old’s mind.  She is always very concerned about her brother’s wellbeing.  If there is any question about what food is okay for her allergic brother, she breaks down and with tears rolling down her cheeks she begs us to not feed him that food.  I could just imagine what she was thinking in the store… that maybe he would dart out of the front doors and get hit by a car, or instantly kidnapped by a “bad guy”. 

I could see it in my mind, the sweet, timid girl making a running tackle all in the name of saving her brother’s life.  I also wonder what went through her brother’s mind as he instantly got thrown to the floor and pinned down.

I got to thinking about where I would be without my very active boy’s sisters.  They are almost always there to help.  Now, I know that he is even safer because at least one of his siblings is good for enforcing behavior control even if it is by the use of physical force.

You know that you are deep into parenthood when… part II

You know that you are deep into parenthood when…

  • dinosaurs actually do live under your bed… the toy kind that is.
  • you are driving alone in the car, your choice of loud, rock-out music is your kid’s Disney Channel soundtrack CD from the movie, Camp Rock.
  • you go to purchase something, you discover a superball at the bottom of your purse, and you are certain that you weren’t the one who put it in there.
  • you quickly learn that karma is not on your side.  For example, when your side splits from laughter after reading your cousin’s hilarious blog about a poopy diaper mishap, look out, because karma will make sure that happens to you too… with what you thought, your completely potty trained child, who pooped in his underwear in the middle of a very nice restaurant!  No luxury of a diaper, and nothing to change into.  Suddenly, it’s not so funny anymore. 

A warning for those who have young children in their lives

My day is usually crushed when I hear about parents who leave their children in a car while they run errands and the children end up dead due to the extreme heat created in the parked vehicle.  As a rule, I don’t leave my kids in the car by themselves, unless I am right there with them.  With this rule, I felt that I was safe from this kind of occurrence.

I didn’t expect what happened while we were staying at my parent’s house however.  I was sitting in the kitchen in some other dimension flipping through a catalog, halfway listening to the news on TV when I realized that it was pretty quiet, and it had been for a while.  Anyone who has had children know that when it is silent, it’s time to go checking.  I checked every room in the house and no little guy.  Okay, then maybe he was outside.  I checked out in the back yard next to the house and on the deck on the side of the house.  Nope.  Then a wave of fear flowed over me.  Oh, I hope he headed further out back of my parent’s two acre property instead of towards the street where people travel at an excess of 55 mph, plus.

At this point, I was yelling his name with an anxious tone.  I heard a quiet, muted answer.  I ran past the vehicles and looked down the small hill that the driveway sat on.  No… that’s not where his voice came from.  I called again, and again, I heard his muted voice.  He was in our vehicle!  I pulled him out, so glad to have found him.  His cheeks were rosy, and his hair was sweaty.  It was a hot day, and that van was very hot inside.  That’s when he told me that he was trapped.

He had quietly left my side, out of the house, and to the van to find something.  He opened the front door and climbed in, and somehow the door closed behind him.  When it closed, he couldn’t get it back open to get out.  Needless to say, I learned something that day.  Even though you feel safe enough where you are to keep your vehicle unlocked, if you have young children about, always lock your car doors!