A warning for those who have young children in their lives

My day is usually crushed when I hear about parents who leave their children in a car while they run errands and the children end up dead due to the extreme heat created in the parked vehicle.  As a rule, I don’t leave my kids in the car by themselves, unless I am right there with them.  With this rule, I felt that I was safe from this kind of occurrence.

I didn’t expect what happened while we were staying at my parent’s house however.  I was sitting in the kitchen in some other dimension flipping through a catalog, halfway listening to the news on TV when I realized that it was pretty quiet, and it had been for a while.  Anyone who has had children know that when it is silent, it’s time to go checking.  I checked every room in the house and no little guy.  Okay, then maybe he was outside.  I checked out in the back yard next to the house and on the deck on the side of the house.  Nope.  Then a wave of fear flowed over me.  Oh, I hope he headed further out back of my parent’s two acre property instead of towards the street where people travel at an excess of 55 mph, plus.

At this point, I was yelling his name with an anxious tone.  I heard a quiet, muted answer.  I ran past the vehicles and looked down the small hill that the driveway sat on.  No… that’s not where his voice came from.  I called again, and again, I heard his muted voice.  He was in our vehicle!  I pulled him out, so glad to have found him.  His cheeks were rosy, and his hair was sweaty.  It was a hot day, and that van was very hot inside.  That’s when he told me that he was trapped.

He had quietly left my side, out of the house, and to the van to find something.  He opened the front door and climbed in, and somehow the door closed behind him.  When it closed, he couldn’t get it back open to get out.  Needless to say, I learned something that day.  Even though you feel safe enough where you are to keep your vehicle unlocked, if you have young children about, always lock your car doors!

One comment on “A warning for those who have young children in their lives

  1. Leslie says:

    Thanks for sharing this Laura. It’s a good reminder of how dangerous it can be to leave the kids in the car or just leave the doors open and unknowingly allow them to climb inside. So glad he is ok. I’ll be careful about this, too.

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