My summer in review

Well, it is Fall now and I am excited.  I love the fall and it’s a toss-up between it and winter as my favorite seasons.  With anticipation of fun things ahead of me, I also remember the fun summer that I had:

The 4th of July parade.  I have some sort of fascination with antique fire trucks and had to take this photo:

We visited the Pendleton Museum and learned a lot about Native Americans in our state:

We picked and ate LOTs of Blackberries and had many pies as well:

The Enchanted Forest was a must:

Newport was a nice weather change from the near 100 degree weather at home:

There’s something about the sea lions that attracts me to them every time we go to Newport:

This was my first time at Yaquina Head and I was quite impressed.  After I got home, I saw a TV show that claimed that it was haunted.  Sadly, I didn’t get to see a ghost.

My window seat view from the hotel that we stayed at.  It was Heaven.

A birthday party for a wonderful 8-year-old:

The view at our campsite in Sisters:

A wedding reception for two very special people, and a baby shower for another cute niece: 

Sisters Oregon, beautiful! :

The infamous trip across the Willamette river for another birthday party… this time it went smoothly, no stalling van:

A visit with my sister-in-law’s pigs.  I love this photo because it looks like the momma pig has a mustache:

Extreme Makeover was in Salem when we were in the area.  We didn’t go to the set, but we know several who did, and had the privilege of volunteering.

A family reunion in my beloved town, Mt. Angel.  We wanted to go to the Oktoberfest a week later, but it was raining when we had the chance, so we skipped that one:

A birthday party in Monmouth where I went to college years ago.  It was nice to revisit and see what the Western Oregon University campus looks like today.  This is the art building where I spent quite a bit of time at:

We were finally grounded.  No more traveling for us.  On our way home, our timing sucked and before ODOT could get to the mudslide that a previous thunderstorm caused, we managed to run over a rock hiding in the mud.  It was bigger than it looked and we heard it scrape the entire underside of our vehicle as we drove over it.  It poked holes in the oil and transmission pans, rendering it un-driveable.  We are still without the vehicle and are glad that the weather is nice as we walk all over town: