I don’t have as much time to get deep like I usually do.  I can’t really explain what gratitude means to me, and how I go about achieving it.  I thought about re-posting last year’s thanksgiving post, but that didn’t seem right.  I am in the middle of making 9 loaves of banana bread, and have to pack for our long drive for festivities.  In my busy haste, I feel the urge to take some time to say what I am so very thankful about this season.

So here’s how it started… My family Thanksgiving festivities were planned for one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to.  Not only is the house surrounded by beautiful scenery, but it’s full of wonderful childhood memories.  The problem was, I felt that our immediate family couldn’t go because there is something in the wonderful house that throws our severely allergic child in to the early stages of anaphylaxis.  We don’t know what it is… and of all places!

Here is what I am so deeply grateful about:  My aunt, the hostess and her daughters so graciously moved the whole event to another site, many miles away just for the sake of our kiddo and so that we could attend.  My Uncle and Aunt, the new hosts selflessly took on the huge event with little time to prepare.

I had emotionally prepared myself for accepting yet another sacrifice in the name of my child’s health.  I wasn’t emotionally prepared for the amazing sacrifice my family made for me and my child!  I was practically reduced to tears when I found out that the place was changed. 

So, THANK YOU family, for your compassion and support.  I LOVE you all!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

One comment on “Thanksgiving

  1. Ingrid says:

    This is very nice Laura! Of course we want you there—-you, of all people are easy to do things for. It is a pleasure. (and it was more convenient for me too!)

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