Spring break adventure 2011

Last year, spring break was so eventful I had to break my stories into parts.  This year, it proved to be the opposite, but didn’t leave me totally empty handed.  I did have at least one adventure before I got sick for the entire remaining spring break, confining me to my bed.

At the beginning of spring break, a Saturday, I had it all planned out.  I was going to once and for all, get the darn house clean so that during the week, the kids and I could have fun.  After a few hours of “I will get to it later in the day” and, “I can’t stand being in the house one more minute!” (Roger was gone that weekend for training, so I couldn’t just dump the kids on him) I decided to throw caution to the wind and take the kids to the high school track.  It looked like the weather was getting better, the sun was finally poking out of the gray clouds; anyway, who cares if we got sprinkled on, we all desperately needed some fresh air.

Our trip to the track went amazingly well… usually, I have to scream at the youngest kiddo to “slow down!”, “stop at the street!” and “LOOOOOK OUUUUT!”  We all got our energy flowing at the track, making a couple of trips around, then sprinting a few times.  I, of course found a way out of sprinting because I owned the only cell phone there, which happened to have a stop watch, and by golly, I was the one who got to operate it!

We all decided after a while that we had better conserve our energy for the walk home, and that we had better get home so that we (eh hem… Mom) could clean the house.  Just seconds after we started our trek home, it started to hail.  They were the little small, puffy kind.  I don’t even know that it even qualified as being hail.  It was like round snow.  

Someone commented that good thing it wasn’t the hard ice kind.  THAT was a mistake.  As we walked on, the hail grew bigger and it fell a little harder.  Soon, we decided that even though the bigger balls were still puffy like snow, they  didn’t feel so puffy as they began to sting when they hit unprotected skin.  After rescuing the free spirited child (the youngest) who succumbed to the tractor beam that pulls children into the nearby playground, no matter what circumstance, we decided to make a run for the warm, dry post office that was always open for the PO boxes.  Later, the oldest and I both wondered why we didn’t just take refuge under the climbing structure.

As we got closer, running as fast as four-year-old legs could keep up with, I began to panic.  The smell of the hail hitting the earth and melting smelled just like it does when there is a thunderstorm ready to happen.  If you don’t know me well, or haven’t read some of my posts, thunderstorms FREAK me out because lightning comes with thunderstorms, and I swear, the stuff seeks me out… I’ve never been struck (although I am sure people wonder sometimes) I haven’t even been close to being struck, I just know it’s after me.  Now, it wasn’t just after me, I had three kids that I was responsible for as well. 

During my panic and my fearful encouragement to the kids to get the heck to the post office ASAP! I noticed a man drive up to the post office in a hurst.  I knew that there was a funeral going on in our small town at the time, so I wasn’t surprised by it.  It didn’t even cross my mind that it was some kind of sign until we got up to the vehicle, only a few feet from the post office doors, when the driver of the hurst rolled his window down and advised me to take cover.

You know, if it was any other kind of driver, a truck driver, a car driver, heck, even a tractor driver, I would have thought, “Duh! and, maybe could you give us a ride home?”.  But a hurst???  THAT’s when you say humbly, “um, okay… I get the sign, you bet we’ll take cover! and um, don’t worry about a ride home… not so interested right now”.  After taking refuge in the post office, the hail ceased a bit and we made it home safely.  No lightning strikes, no reason for a hurst ride home.