Giving Thanks

It’s that time of year, time to give thanks, which is kind of funny.  Thanksgiving is just like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even Valentines Day.  We really should be thankful, celebrate mothers and fathers and everyone else, every day.  In the end, we have a special day for each and it really is a good time to reflect.  So I have tried to reflect back to what I have been thankful throughout the year: 

I am thankful…

  • that I was totally prepared and didn’t run into the window at the zoo and get a bloody nose this year, like I did last year.
  • that my kids haven’t totally destroyed the house.  There have been some casualties however, such as a shattered lightbulb because a certain little boy discovered that when you spray cold water on a hot light bulb, it explodes.  Oh, and a certain teen who despite the fact that she is an awesome cook, found out that when a rice cooker’s cord sits on a hot element, it causes a loud bang and the breaker switch flips off.
  • that my son now knows how to cut with scissors… thanks to the help and consequently demise of the couch cover as well a the king sized bottom sheet that was sitting in a pile of clean clothes.  Who knew kids scissors could do that?
  • that I have finally been forgiven for forgetting my kiddo at the swimming pool.  So now I have faith that I have some hope of getting out of the dog house yet again for making her have her mouth cut open and partial braces on at the dentist office… wait for it…  the day before her class Thanksgiving Feast they had been preparing so hard for! (Sorry kid, I hope you could chew at least something good).
  • for the man at a certain Safeway store who thought I was young enough to be my sister-in-law’s  DAUGHTER!!!!  (She is at least 6 years my junior by the way).  And my teenage daughter, my SISTER!  I wasn’t even the one buying the wine.  I was just standing between the two gals when he took a good look at her, then me and my daughter and said to her, “are these your children?”.  I just about jumped over the counter and gave the man a big old wet kiss on the cheek.  Now, my sister-in-law stood there stewing, saying to herself, “really? I mean, really???” as she took out her ID… yes, he carded us.
  • that I finally found the missing ornamental pumpkin.  I was concerned that it was going to rot as I wondered where the heck that odd smell is coming from, which by the way, is a daily occurrence… who knows what is causing all those smells.
  • that there are such things as room fresheners and scented candles.
  • that we have new windows, roof and siding on our house despite the fact that when I was out of town my husband gave the wrong paint chip to the contractor and we now have a pinkish/tan house… Mary Kay anyone?
  • that the battery case in the big old robotic horse in my son’s room fell out… yes on its own, I had nothing to do with it.  Now, I won’t have to scream every time I walk by when it whinnys at me.
  • that the deer who visits our backyard dropped our badminton net that was caught up in its antlers before it jumped over the fence and ran through town.
  • that the bright side of the deer pooping all over the yard, breaking our fence, and rubbing the bark off the tree with their antlers, is that we don’t have to mow as often.
  • that dancing to 80’s music with my kiddos is a blast, despite the sore muscles and the inability to walk the next day.
  • that hair grows out.  After I gave my son a haircut in the summer, a parent at a kid event asked him if he tried to cut his own hair! 
  • that the skunk that I suspect lives in our backyard hasn’t sprayed us yet.
  • that where I live, sliding in the snow, or gliding in the wind are additional modes of transportation.  I love the fall and winter weather.
  • that my father really is that good.  I don’t know how he got that bald eagle to swoop down and grab the squirrel that has been giving him so much trouble and in front of my family to boot!  Yup, he really is that good.
  • that humor can be found anywhere you look, especially when your son is freaking out that one of his toy dinosaurs was found wearing his sister’s Polly Pocket skirts. 

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