For my fellow clutterers and self-help book hoarders…

While shopping for Valentines stuff and getting frustrated because all I could find that was inexpensive was just a bunch of sugar and useless knick knacks, I came across a discounted book about clutter.  The book is Enough Already! Cleaning Mental Clutter to Become the Best You by Peter Walsh.  I like Peter Walsh.  I have watched him on TV for many years.  He helps people clear out their clutter in their homes and lives.  I haven’t read his previous books, but at the bargain price, I figured why not. 

Flipping through the book, trying not to get too much into it since I was already reading another book, I found a couple of paragraphs that made me say “ah ha!” out loud and felt like I really needed to share.  So here they are:

…We buy so much stuff and we fill every corner of our homes with it.  But it’s not only the stuff that’s the problem.  Sure–we buy “the stuff”, but we also invest in what I call “the promise” .  We buy exercise machines, but we are really investing in the promise of flat abs.  We buy clothing, but we are really investing in the promise of being more attractive.  We buy all that stuff from late-night infomercials, but we are really investing in the idea that somehow our lives will be better and our homes will be happier.  It just doesn’t work like that…


…All of us know what we should do to achieve our goals, but we often just don’t do what needs to be done.  Instead, we sit around feeling entitled or overwhelmed, waiting for someone else to make the changes for us.  Enough already! Once you have a clear vision for the life you want, you need to take responsibility for achieving that vision.  Owning your life, your decisions, and your actions is the first step to initiating real change.