I heard a theory years ago that one way to age faster is to believe that you can’t do things because you are too old.  Just the belief that you are old is a factor.  Thanks to my knees (which I am sure is a genetic gift) I have been forced to think of myself as being old.  I make those grunts when I squat, and bend at the waist because after all those years of trying to save my back by bending with my knees, I screwed them up. 

It’s not the only thing that has been making me feel old, encouraging me to age faster than ever before.  Things have been floating around Facebook such as pictures of things like cassette tapes laying next to a ballpoint pen, with a caption about whether you are old enough to understand the correlation.  Of course I am old enough to know the correlation.  I spent many wasted hours of my life re-winding those cassette tapes with whatever worked… pens, pencils, dimes… anything.

I did have a good time recently with my middle child, however.  Our family was blessed to be able to ride in our small town’s fire truck in our prided 4th of July parade this year.  As we were waiting in the truck before the parade started, I suggested to the kids who were sitting in the back with me, next to the windows, to roll them down so that we could throw candy out to the young spectators.  Our middle child sat there, dumbfounded, trying to figure out where the heck the window button was.  The window was one of those old crank windows.  I sat there in silence, laughing hard inside.

What topped off my pity party about being so old, was one day, exhausted, I sat down in front of the TV thinking that I would treat myself with a vege-out time.  I noticed that a channel was playing a re-run of the 80’s, early 90’s show, “Designing Women”.  I used to love that show.  After watching it recently, I’m not sure why I loved it, but anyway…  Those women in that show would always be dressed to the hilt.  Always the nicest dresses, and the beautiful big hair with about a gallon of hairspray that was so popular those days.  I was enjoying my walk down memory lane when my oldest walked in and said, “What’s up with their hair???”.  I am sure she was disappointed to hear that’s the way they wore their hair those days, that no, it wasn’t an episode where all the women got electrocuted.  The thing is, there was a day when I was brainwashed into thinking that big hair was cool, proudly sporting a puffy doo for a school photo.

I have to tell myself, so that I can slow down things a little, that I have actually been lucky that I have had the chance to experience life, and how far and fast our society has moved.  I remember writing in a college paper about being in awe of how for we had come, and how exciting it was to imagine what is to come.  Back then there were no iPads, smart phones, not even mp3 players.  Word processors, the new (chunky)wireless phones, and CD’s were the top of technology.  Now, I am in awe with our current technology and wonder what’s it going to be like when we see images of iPods, and say, “are you old enough to remember what these are?”.  I’m just going to have to accept it.  I’ll still be old… but hopefully with better knees.