The humorous side

There is that saying, “there is always a bright side to every bad situation”.  I think there is from time to time, a humorous side as well.   

My sister-in-law is going to college, and from time to time she asks me to proof-read her papers that she writes.  Recently, she asked me to proof-read a paper that she was going to send via e-mail.  I was to expect it during the weekend sometime. 

Saturday morning came around, and there it was, bright and early, an e-mail from my sister-in-law.  I started to read it right away, eager to get it done for her, when I realized it was uncharacteristically poorly written.   The setting was strange as well, although I’ve had writing classes when the assignment was to think of a fictional character or situation and write as if it were non-fiction.

So, the e-mail began saying that my Sister-in-law was called last-minute to Madrid, Spain for business.  While there, she got “mugged” and all her money was stolen.  She was at the Embassy, but is trying to get money wired out for a ticket home.  Please send money.  Hmmm.  Wierd paper.

Still groggy, I started to ponder how I was going to tackle the strange paper of hers.  Before I got to start, intelligence kicked in, and I began wondering whether she had been hacked or not.  Long story short, she was indeed hacked and it all was a scam.

I am sorry for all what my sister-in-law went through, that part wasn’t funny at all, but I can’t help but think what those crooks on the other end would have thought when they got a proof-read e-mail instead of the intended money!