I’m Back!

I looked when I posted my last blog post and it was four years ago!  A lot has happened since then.  I went from a stay-at-home Mom to a working full-time Mom.  I returned to what I am born to do and continued my career in Early Childhood Education as a Lead Preschool Teacher.  My husband made a 180 degree change in career and went from a desk job to the medical profession as a Medical Assistant at a clinic in a neighboring small town.

When I stopped blogging four years ago, I was running out of material.  Now, I have four years of material!  Not to mention that being a Preschool Teacher of a bunch of three to five-year olds gives me daily ammo for exciting material.

With my family growing up and are self-sufficient, I am able to partake in more activities for me.  I have decided to become a volunteer fire fighter.  I can’t pinpoint why I want to do that particular thing, I just do.  It just feels right.  I want to give back in some way and that just feels like the right fit.  I am very lucky to be able to be part of a wonderful well-oiled team of volunteers who have given me a lot of respect for good people in this world.  If I am successful in my New Year’s resolutions, I will blog more about that later… there’s plenty of material there too!